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Our Mission

Empowering a Sustainable Future through Financial Innovation

Jupiter’s mission is to accelerate industry advancement through innovative solutions.
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Our Vision
Securing Impactful Trades & 
Preserving Our World
Jupiter’s vision is to address liquidity access challenges and facilitate capital formation by standardizing & streamlining the global ecosystem for capital market adoption of Environmental Commodities and Alternative Asset Equities.
Founder’s Journey
Pioneering the Evolution of Global Financial Markets
At Jupiter, we endeavor to harness our deep appreciation for cultural and individual diversity to secure impactful investment opportunities for portfolio diversification and market participation.
Innovating New Solutions
The founders have been working to demystify complex problems — intersecting finance, technology, and policy. The founders determined that market operations and liquidity challenges for select asset classes required enhanced regulatory frameworks and access to liquidity. In 2022, Jupiter was formed to help evolve industries and financial markets with future-oriented strategies and innovative solutions for products to be traded in public markets.
Providing Investment Opportunities
The founders wanted to increase accessibility to the world of art and collectibles for investment diversification through global market integration. Jupiter values transparency, regulatory refinement, and adoption of modern technologies — removing skepticism and building trust. Jupiter’s Alternative Asset solution enables opportunities for organizations and individuals to connect passions with conscious investments.
Committing to Sustainability for Future Generations
The founder’s vision has always included a strong commitment to sustainability — to positively contribute to the environment and future generations. With the global need to accelerate towards net-zero objectives, Jupiter refined its roadmap and pulled forward Jupiter Environmental Commodities. Jupiter’s Environmental Futures & Options establish common market definition and understanding — centralized on a regulated exchange — to create access to capital for project developers, to provide the framework for institutional capital to securely participate in scaling the industry, and to enable end-buyers with ability to fulfill regulatory obligations and corporate commitments. Jupiter’s products and services are designed to achieve global net-zero objectives — with transparency and market confidence.
Our mission
Detailed Mission
Our mission is to deliver the Jupiter Alternative Asset user community with educational opportunities and experiences to supplement their investment opportunities in alternative asset listings.
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New york
Global Administration
Account Executive (Enterprise)
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Analyst - Finalta
In this role you will work with a small project team to run benchmarking projects which create strategic recommendations and actionable insights for some of the biggest banks in the world. You will be matched with 4-6 banking clients and...
Capabilities & Insights Intern
You will help support client service teams by working with them to understand, disaggregate and prioritize their research needs. In this role, you will leverage broad industry knowledge and sources to efficiently collect, summarize and...
New york
Business Analyst
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