Begin with Jupiter Environmental Assets

Begin with Jupiter Environmental Assets

REGULATED:  Securitized environmental assets listed on a national securities exchange are regulated by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Invest Responsibly in Your Environment

LIQUID: Listing with a national securities exchange provides liquidity support and open market price discovery for trade execution.

Create Impact with Trades

ACCESSIBLE: Carbon credits are packaged through futures and options contracts to fulfill sustainability objectives.

Discover Product Registries

DISCOVERY: Carbon credit suppliers and certifiers can be explored through the Jupiter Environmental Project and Unit Registries, from origination to retirement.

How It Works

Jupiter creates efficiency and transparency through a new regulated and tradeable asset class to industrialize the voluntary carbon credit (VCC) and compliance market ecosystem.

A vivid image of data analysis is shown by a globe with a magnifying glass to signify exploration, research and origination of tradable assets.

1. Originate

Register. Validate.

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A person near computer monitor showing a fluctuating graph, indicating constant growth of asset prices

2. Trade

Underwrite. Execute. Settle.

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A globe is shown above an outstretched hand symbolizing human impact and global environmental benefits.

3. Retire

Deliver. Retire.

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A calendar icon depicting management actions.

4. Manage

Define. Commit.

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A vivid image of data analysis is shown by a globe with a magnifying glass to signify exploration, research and origination of tradable assets.
Register. Validate. Record.


Registering projects provides visibility to the origination of credits and progression through the certification and underwriting process. Records highlight projects supported by the financial products of Jupiter.

Validating environmental projects and carbon units through authorized organizations that meet published contract standards. Certification and monitoring drive the carbon unit value for Jupiter's partnership network.

Recording updates to the Jupiter Environmental Project Registry and Jupiter Environmental Unit Registry establishes market transparency. Credit definitions are mapped to financial product requirements in the Jupiter Environmental Data Taxonomy.

Suppliers and brokers of credits apply to Jupiter Environmental Assets Credit Registration (EACR) to begin the process of underwriting futures contracts.

A person near computer monitor showing a fluctuating graph, indicating constant growth of asset prices
Underwrite. Execute. Settle.


Underwriting and listing of futures contracts is enabled for Jupiter proprietary futures contracts.  Contracts are defined with clear terms for market assessment and valuation.

Executing trades on the national securities exchange through a national best bid (NBB) approach matches buy/sell orders to enable fair and transparent access to liquid markets.  Traders view bid/ask quotes and enter orders with controls for order type, price limits, and order duration.

Settling trades based on the contract rules is supported through a regulated clearinghouse to manage compliance and process independence.  Physical settlement of credits is available by request.

Traders capitalize from fair and transparent investment opportunities regulated by the U.S. CFTC and operated with a national securities exchange.

A globe is shown above an outstretched hand symbolizing human impact and global environmental benefits.
Deliver. Retire. Fulfill.


Delivering carbon units through the closure of settlement procedures and transfer of serialized credits to the buyer. Jupiter facilitates updates to required registries as part of physical settlement.

Retiring carbon units determined by customer settlement preferences. Processes are streamlined by Jupiter to record credit retirement with governing bodies and provide customer confirmation.

Fulfilling sustainability objectives is streamlined through Jupiter’s end-to-end network. Jupiter provides tools and reports for ease-of-use and record-keeping.

Customers utilize a centralized application to fulfill credit acquisition and retirement across Jupiter’s geographically dispersed network.

A calendar icon depicting management actions.
Define. Commit. Monitor.


Defining data attributes for a futures contract requires complex analysis of carbon unit equivalency and market conditions.  Terms and attribute for financial products are defined in the Jupiter Environmental Data Taxonomy.

Committing to net-zero sustainability initiatives with Jupiter provides both visibility to consumer objectives, including types of credits, and the status of credit retirements to fulfill commitments.

Monitoring carbon projects and units is required for initial certification and re-verification processes.  Transparency is available through Jupiter Environment Project and Unit Registries.

Our team unlocks the complexity of listing carbon units and provides visibility to the maintenance and certification lifecycle.

Challenges & Solutions

Jupiter solves current carbon market challenges presented by decentralized voluntary carbon credit and compliance market operations, definition standardization, and global stakeholder distribution.

Carbon Challenges

Jupiter Solutions

Valuation: Credits are valued based on origination methods, geographies, and other data attributes
Establish proprietary data taxonomy and increase global standardization of product specifications
Certification: Credits are certified via procedures that interpret global accreditation objectives
Operate within Jupiter published exchange rules and support global certification and auditability
Management: Credit definition varies through OTC and decentralized markets
Provide public accessibility and transparency from origination to retirement of carbon units
Access: Regulated markets and product offerings are not readily available
Accommodate high-volume trading on a regulated exchange with market liquidity
Origination: Project economics are not clearly defined and secured by financial products
Establish financial products (futures and options) to enable market making


Jupiter enhances the carbon credit ecosystem by streamlining the integration of global processes and systems and delivering innovative financial products to the market.

Market standards are visualized by a computer screen with checkmarks.

Enhanced Standards

  • Clear procedures standardize participation
  • Global definitions facilitate adoption and acceptance
Image shows a laptop icon with a magnifying glass on screen to symbolize transparency.

Market Transparency

  • Proprietary data taxonomy defines investable financial products
  • Integrated registry ecosystem delivers lifecycle transparency
Human review and approval is shown by a documented checklist and hand with a thumbs-up.

Auditable Certification

  • Centralized certification registration and tracking builds trust
  • Physical delivery of futures contract manages credit retirement

Jupiter's solution integrates the rules of a national securities exchange, introduces new products to provide market transparency, and demonstrates auditable events achieving net-zero commitments for market participants.

Jupiter Innovation

Jupiter Environmental Asset Credit Registration (EACR) introduces three proprietary products to better serve with transparency to carbon markets and futures contract specifications.

A notebook documents the innovation of Jupiter Data Taxonomy.

Jupiter Environmental Data Taxonomy

  • Establishes industry terms, definitions, and values
  • Presents criteria for enabling equivalency relationships between credits
  • Publishes accreditation and certification requirements
An icon symbolizing the earth and a formal document suggests the global reach of Jupiter Environmental Project Registry.

Jupiter Environmental Project Registry

  • Tracks carbon project lifecycle from origination to retirement
  • Highlights projects planning to deliver their credit supply through Jupiter
  • Maps projects to one or more eligible Futures Contracts
A screen with large amounts of data shows the scope of Jupiter Environmental Unit Registry.

Jupiter Environmental Unit Registry

  • Centralizes the aggregation and tracking of global credit supply
  • Confirms credits committed to delivery in support of Jupiter futures contracts
  • Maintains tracking of physically delivered and retired credits

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